Trackday Tyre

  • Unique asymmetric tread pattern developed for Tarmac stages of the World Rally Championship.
  • Competition construction delivers maximum sporting performance.
  • DOT and E-mark ensures road legal compliance.
  • DMACK edge-guard incorporates a Kevlar sidewall to maximise shoulder stability and high speed circuit cornering.



DMACK Trackday tyres have been developed to deliver affordable high performance on circuits for trackday and racing cars. The tyre is available from 15 to 19 inch and the pattern is lifted from DMACK's proven world rally tyre. It has E mark, DOT certification and is road legal.

195/50 R1582V
205/50 R1586V
215/50 R1588W
225/45 R1587W
195/50 R1684W
205/50 ZR169t0W
215/50 ZR1690W
225/45 ZR1689W
225/50 ZR1690W
245/45 ZR1694W
255/50 ZR1699W
205/40 ZR1784W XL
205/45 ZR1788Y XL
215/45 ZR1791W XL
225/45 ZR1794W XL
235/40 ZR1790W XL
235/45 ZR1793W XL
245/40 ZR1791W
255/40 ZR1794W
275/40 ZR1798W
315/35 ZR17102W
225/40 ZR1892Y
235/40 ZR1895Y
245/40 ZR1897Y XL
255/35 ZR1897Y XL
265/35 ZR1897Y XL
265/40 ZR18101Y XL
275/35 ZR1899Y XL
275/40 ZR1899W
285/30 ZR1897Y XL
295/30 ZR1898Y XL
295/35 ZR1899Y XL
305/30 ZR18101Y XL
225/35 ZR1988Y XL
235/35 ZR1991Y XL
245/35 ZR1993Y XL
255/35 ZR1996Y XL
265/30 ZR1993Y XL
265/35 ZR1998Y XL
285/35 ZR19103Y XL
295/30 ZR19100Y XL
295/35 ZR19101Y XL
305/30 ZR19102Y XL
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